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Sea and surroundings


The Residence Lu Lamoni is located in a very strategic position that allows you to easily reach all the most beautiful beaches and islands of northern Sardinia.

The town of Vignola Mare boasts a coastline of 22 km of alternating rocky headlands, long sandy beaches and pine forests. Notable: Lu Litarroni, a real paradise with clear waters and a fine sandy beach, surrounded by a beautiful pinewood in which you can take a pleasant walk. Rena Majori with very clear sand and white granite rocks has a sea bed very appreciated by snorkeling lovers for its numerous species of fishes. Chischinaggju beach is characterized by big offshore rocks that form fabulous natural pools.

Caprera is the wild and untouched island where Garibaldi chose to live. It’s famous for its beautiful beaches and transparent waters. The wild region makes the island a real Natural Reserve.

Santa Teresa di Gallura is characterized by rugged coastline and impressive breathtaking views. Its strategic position allows you to find shelter from any wind conditions. You cannot miss a visit to Capo Testa, a beautiful rock connected to the mainland by a strip of sand, accessible through a path from which the Bays of Colba and Santa Reparata can be admired.

It is a must to visit Maddalena Archipelago composed of seven islands : the wild ones ( Santo Stefano, Spargi, Budelli, Razzoli) and the more civilized ones (La Maddalena, Caprera, Santa Maria). Boat trips are the best way to discover the most famous archipelago of Sardinia, by giving you the opportunity to creep into hidden coves and swim in the most untouched waters of Sardinia.